Half the people in the world own a mobile phone and it is estimated that nine new mobile phone users are added every second. Here in the UK, the percentage of people with a phone is even higher, with almost every adult being connected to the phone and web networks at all times.

As a business owner, it is essential that you try and tap into this vast marketing resource. With mobile usage becoming an ever-larger part of time spent online, mobile marketing is an essential tool for any business. To help you get your mobile marketing strategy right, here are some top tips.

Optimise your site for mobile usage

Your main website should be optimised to work on all mobile platforms. Make sure that all menus and content display correctly on mobile platforms, which may involve utilising a mobile-friendly theme. If you’re using WordPress then there are multiple mobile-friendly themes or plugins you can use to achieve this.

Utilise social media

Integrating your social media across all customer interactions can really help to grow your mobile effectiveness. Make use of social media advertising options and look to engage with customers via social media.

Make mobile part of your offline strategy too

As well as being a major focus of your online and digital marketing, try and include mobile in your offline marketing efforts too. Include mobile call to actions in any print advertising or other media you use. Give customers incentives to visit you via their mobile devices, such as discount offers for purchases made online.

SMS marketing

Text messages are the main way we use our phones in the UK so a direct SMS campaign can be very effective. The level of engagement with direct SMS messaging remains almost unparalleled. Try to target your core customer base and send messages that engage.


As well as a website that works well with mobile devices, you need to ensure that if you have an online store this can also be used on smartphones. E-commerce from mobile devices is an increasing part of online sales and you can’t afford for your online marketing not to feature a space to make sales.

Understand on-the-go marketing

People use their mobile devices on the go, while commuting or at work. So you need to tailor your mobile messaging to people who are on the move. That means less reliance on written content and greater emphasis on short and simple messages backed up by other forms of media. Think gifs, memes, links, pictures and more.

Get personal

Bland corporate messaging never really engages people. You need to try and make mobile messaging more personal. A mobile device is a direct line into a person’s life, wherever they may be, so try and make your mobile content relatable.

Mobile marketing continues to grow and evolve and should form a growing part of your overall marketing strategy. Follow the above rules and you can make it more effective.