Like a lot of small businesses we weren’t sure what the effect of the referendum result in 2016 would mean for our business, however it wasn’t long before we found out! The ensuing nervousness about what this meant for the business community and the country at large had a profound affect on companies forward planning and in turn their expenditure.

Having worked out of an office for some time, we had like most small businesses seen a gradual increase in our costs, but given the general apprehension in the market it was very difficult to pass on these rising expenses. While we liked the division of our work and home lives, when looking deeper into how we used our offices, we realised that over a four year period we had held exactly four clients meetings there. All our other meetings were at the client’s premises, so it was clear to see that we had rising costs and under utilised premises, therefore the choice was simple.

Planning to eventually downsize our home, we decided to bring forward our move as we were unsure as to the effect of Brexit on the general economy and the housing market specifically. The only addition to our plans was to ensure we moved to a house that had the room to allow us to work comfortably from home.

So here we are having divested ourselves of our office, moved house and relocated our business back into our home. We are pleased to say that our clients have seen no change in the service we provide and we are now better positioned to ride the winds of Brexit change.