It’s time to call in an expert. Why, because you need to focus your marketing, find out what you need to do and how you’re going to do it to move your business forward. So you enlist the services of a marketing consultant, now what?

Step 1: Strategy

The first step is all about defining what needs to be done. This might be launching a new product to market or building on an existing brand. A marketing consultant will come into your business to get to know the ins and outs of how things works including the product or the services you provide, the people you sell to, your competition and your staff.

Step 2: Planning

After defining what needs to be done and where you want to go, the next step is drawing up a marketing plan. This could include campaigns and exhibitions, advertising, but also timescales and cost analysis. Step two is often where a marketing consultant’s work will come to an end. They will bid you a fond farewell, handing over a Marketing Plan document, leaving the rest up to you.

Step 3: Implementation

In reality, putting a plan into action is easier said than done. And although a clearly defined marketing plan equips a business with the theory; limited resources, knowledge and time can hinder progress. Working with an outsourced marketing team differs from working solely with a consultant. A marketing team not only consists of a senior level consultant and a marketing assistant, but it also includes access to a pool of creative resources and project management to keep the plan on track.

Step 4: Monitoring

A project manager will keep a close eye on the project. This will include measuring the actions against the planning and holding team members accountable as appropriate. This will ensure that resources are assigned as necessary to bring the marketing plan to fruition.

Step 5: Review

Lastly, steps two, three and four need to be reviewed against the strategic goals. This will measure how well the various marketing activities are working, which are generating the most sales revenue and profit. At this point, the marketing plan can always be readjusted. External input at this stage can be indispensable for objectively making changes to the marketing plan and budget.

An outsourced marketing team will work with your business through all of the stages. It’s consultancy plus project management allied with creativity to deliver marketing success every step of the way.