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Have you ever totted up the amount of time you spend on marketing? Things like, looking for someone to design your logo, website, brochure or leaflets, attending meetings then trying to find a printer who can deliver on time with great quality at a great price? Then there’s your social media, all those images and text, what about the exhibitions you need to plan and prepare for. You really need someone who can take this off your hands so that you can get on with the important business of running your company.

We have the knowledge, expertise and connections so by acting as your very own marketing department; we can make your life easier.

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Using us as your outsourced marketing department not only gives you access to masses of experience but also saves you loads of money!

If you were to employ a new member of staff to take care of your marketing, it could be very expensive. In addition to their salary there’s also placing job advertisements, recruitment days and interviews, which all takes up a substantial amount of time and energy. The average UK national annual salary currently stands at £26,500 (Source: gov.uk) but with NI contributions and paid annual leave this is really £31,267.40, add to this all your recruitment costs and your time and this could be as much as £35-40,000!

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As a team we have many years experience working in both B2B and B2C environments. We’ve worked with SME’s in a variety of different market sectors who’ve faced many challenges. As impartial consultants we act as a sounding board and deliver objective advice to enable our clients to look at their business and market sector from a different perspective. This has given them a clearer picture of their potential, and helped them to make the right decisions to take their company/brand to a new level.

Our uniqueness is that we not only deliver a marketing strategy, but also follow it through to implementation.

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Whether you’re a new start up or a growing business you need marketing, and therefore you also need someone to look after it. There are a couple of choices, you can either employ someone to do it (see the Saving You Money tab) or you can outsource it to someone like us. The advantage of outsourcing is that not only do you have a helping hand when you need it, but you also have the benefit of experience as well as a lower financial investment.

As marketing is our business, we hit the ground running and with a wealth of talented individuals to call upon, we’ll have every base covered.

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The Right Skills to Drive Your Business Forward


A Strategy For Success

Developed specifically for your brand or business, a marketing strategy should be looked upon as a pathway to your goals. It can be affected by the prevailing economic climate so should be re-visited regularly.

Co-ordinated & Project Managed

All aspects of your marketing plan require careful management, not just to bring them from concept to fruition, but also to ensure that they are co-ordinated so that they are delivered in the right order and timeframe.

Professionally Designed

Consistency is key to a unified marketing strategy/plan. Ensuring that all aspects are given the professional design treatment, delivers a clear message about the quality of product/service being provided.

Our Expertise Whenever You Need It!

1. Strategy

We help your business achieve its full potential by developing strategies that deliver significant business growth potential.

2. Project Management

Everything related to marketing needs managing, whether it’s a website, brochure or an exhibition they all need careful supervision.

3. Creative Ideas

We create design concepts that will work across all areas of your business as consistency is the key to successful marketing.

4. Professional Design

Investing in professional design makes a statement about your company or product, and creates a clear perception as to its quality.

5. Digital Marketing

If you’re not fully embracing today’s Internet marketing then you’re missing a trick. We can help you make the right decisions.

We Tailor Solutions To Fit Your Business

We’re Here To Help Drive Your Business Forward!

By Becoming Your Very Own Marketing Department

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