We’re following on from our recent blog post, Marketing – DIY or Outsource – Part 1. This second part takes a look at the capacity to outsource marketing as a larger business.

Your Marketing Department

As a well-established company with a healthy market share, your marketing activities are probably overseen either by an MD or a Sales Director. You may even have a Sales & Marketing Director with someone else internally coordinating all the various aspects to develop and implement your annual marketing plan.

We know Marketing

This was me in a different life. Many years ago, I was that Sales Director and eventually Managing Director. I was lucky enough to have an internal marketing coordinator to pull everything together. We called upon outside agencies for PR and creative work such as brochures and print, as well as exhibition stands and events. But the overall responsibility fell to the Sales Director to oversee the planning and implementation.

Overstretched Resources

Our marketing was kept in-house, a department that, at times, could have benefited from extra resources. Running a marketing department internally can be a considerable ongoing cost for any business. There are times when resources are stretched, the budget is tight, and there just doesn’t seem to be enough people to get the job done.

What if there was another way

Take a step back and think laterally. Outsourcing your marketing could help in many ways. If you need additional resources, perhaps you have a product launch coming up or an event to organise, then an outsourced team could jump in and integrate with your existing department. Not only providing you with more people to action your plans but also giving you a broader base of expertise to utilise. This can be invaluable for strategic planning, implementation and maintaining consistency in your marketing activity.

A fully outsourced team can also integrate seamlessly with your business, as an extension of an existing management team. This can create synergy in planning and implementing a successful marketing strategy.

The bottom line

When it comes to the numbers, outsourcing marketing can add up to being a cost-effective option. Fully outsourcing may seem radical to many SMEs and the prospect of replacing an internal team may be a very difficult decision to settle on. The reality is that by replacing key roles within marketing functions or even the whole marketing department, these businesses could see savings each year of up to £25,000 with each role that is replaced. Not to mention the added benefits of expertise in planning and implementation of an effective marketing strategy.

By relying on a partner who is external to your company, they can provide a knowledgeable and reactive service that responds to the demands of your business.