Graphic design is all around us. Every single day we see a multitude of packages, products, brands and businesses all competing for our attention. This might be on the supermarket shelves, on the television, the internet or in magazines and newspapers. How does one design stand out against another? How does one grab our attention more?

Standing out from the crowd

Professional design will help your business to stand out from the crowd and position it against its competitors. It’s easy to think of branding as being simply a logo, but it is so much more. It can be tempting when starting out with a new venture to think all that is needed is a logo design, but thinking big from the very beginning will help to future proof your brand.

The language of design

A logo design is the visual signature of your brand synonymous with your business name, services and ethics. And, although it forms the cornerstone to the branding, it is only part of the overall package. Every design choice that visually represents your business will reinforce what your business stands for. This could include the typefaces you use on your documents and website, your staff uniform, your product packaging or even your vehicle sign writing.

Professional designers will take all of this into consideration as well as other factors that will influence the designs such as industry, product or service and target customer demographic. Then create a design concept that will work across all areas of the business. For some businesses, this may feel like a considerable investment in time and money, but having a branding bible in place from the very beginning will pay off in the long run.

Raising your profile

Investing in professional design will undoubtedly raise the professional image of your company or product. This helps to establish an original brand personality that consumers get to know and trust. Professional branding provides consistency across all the various areas of the business, from the advertising right through to the invoicing. It is cost-effective too, as the high-quality print-ready designs can be used again and again. Each design will also be fit for purpose, correctly sized and proportioned – no more blurry images on social media banners or time wasted resizing a logo!

Many businesses go through a brand evolution, from small changes in their appearance to total rebranding to respond to a market shift. It’s difficult to reposition a brand and even harder to change perceptions of it once established. So getting it right from the beginning will be a sound base from which to grow.