So you’ve set up your social media platforms, filled out your profiles and uploaded some nice high quality images, now what?

Well, before you start you need to take a little while to consider what are your objectives for each platform, and indeed the goal for each post you put out.

Here’s the sort of things you should be thinking about:

Is your social media……

Just to support your Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) strategy?

To drive traffic to a specific destination such as your website?

There to engender trust with your target audience by sharing information that will be of interest? Things like new legislation and how it will affect your audience, or a new technology that might revolutionise their specific market sector.

Just there to sell stuff? This will only really apply if you are solely using Facebook as it’s the only major one with a direct selling tool called Marketplace.

It could of course be a combination of any of the above, but the point is that before you start, there should be some idea as to what it is that you want to achieve. Knowing this now means you have the foundation of a strategy. The posts themselves are your tactical actions to help you achieve your strategy.

Now you just need to make sure that your social media marketing strategy, knits neatly into your overall marketing strategy and business plan. You do have those don’t you?

Having determined this, you’re just about ready to dive in, but before you do you might want to have a read of Part 2 of our “Ideal Social Media Post – Now The Work Really Begins”. It will soon become clear why nearly 40% of businesses outsource the management of their social media platforms.

If you’re ready for Part 2

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