We’ve all experienced that annoying moment arriving home from work to an empty house only to have to force the door open because of the mound of unsolicited mailers unceremoniously dumped through our letter box. For those of us who now spend a fair amount of time working from home, it sounds like a fairly hefty piece of furniture has fallen over when it all arrives! What’s most disappointing is that in the main they are poorly thought through in terms of their content, printed on cheap paper and are lost in amongst all the others. Add to this you find that they are delivered by someone who walks across your lawn, and then drags their shoulder bag along the side of your car as they pass it! Like most people I now tend to dump the lot of them in the bin without giving them so much as a second glance, which is a shame when you consider how much is spent on these things.

Now contrast this with a smartly dressed business person knocking on your door and introducing their company’s products or services with no sales pressure and parting by handing over a well considered quality piece of marketing material printed on quality paper or card. Well this happened to me recently when our local fishmonger came a calling. His van was very smartly adorned with his logo (and clean) he himself was very well presented in smart/casual attire that also carried his logo. He was courteous and likeable and at no time did I feel pressurised. He finished by giving me a very nicely designed A5 card which again carried his logo, website, contact details and a synopsis of his products and service. I almost felt like applauding and I can tell you he does some very good business round our way.

He’s not the only one trying this approach; I’ve also had visits from Anglian and Love Film. But in both those cases they didn’t present themselves well, there was nothing to set them apart from any other passer-by, as they had no identification as to whom they represented. Neither of them left me with anything and both of them I’m afraid to say were quite pushy, so a disappointment. But it did illustrate to me that there is a shining light at the end of the tunnel in as much here was the little guy doing something so much better than the big boys. He had researched his market and had identified the right approach and carried it off with aplomb and most importantly is being successful.

This is not a new concept, back in the fifties door-to-door selling was the norm but faded away when advertising became cheaper and colour televisions became more prevalent. Here we are in the 21st century and its making a comeback with a modern twist as door-to-door marketing. Mind you its not for every business, but if you know your target audience and are not looking to be deluged with hundreds and thousands of leads but just a few quality ones in your catchment area then why not give it a go, after all what have you got to loose.

Anyway got to go, there’s someone at the door with a delivery…no prizes for guessing who it is.