Strategy & Branding


Two chess pieces one on its side depicting strategy.

Our aim is to help companies to establish a path to organic growth through exploiting their core strengths. In some cases we recommend diversification into complimentary markets, whilst taking care to maintain and cement their existing market position. Having a clearly defined marketing strategy is as important as having a business plan, in fact the two are inextricably linked. For your business plan to work there must be a marketing strategy to back it up.


A brand is so much more than just a logo and in many cases when looking at the strategic direction a business could take, the brand is right at the heart of the decision making process. Before committing to the design of a logo it’s important to know what it should say about your company, its products and services. Try to put yourself in the mind of the customer to understand how they will view your brand and it’s identity, and never forget this also includes how you and your staff look and behave. So you see, your brand and how it is presented is perhaps one of the most important decisions your business will ever make.

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