Mascari approached Zein to discuss ways to promote and raise brand awareness of their new high-end contemporary furniture range, Vertex. We were engaged on a three-month contract to establish their social media presence after which we would hand over the day-to-day management to them. Through the product design process Mascari had already established their target audience and had also created a logo for the product. They were keen to use all the tools that digital media and marketing could provide so we suggested that extensive use of video would benefit them both from a social media perspective, as well as be demonstrable and interesting to their target audience. To this end it was suggested that rather than creating a traditional brochure a branded USB device could be used to deliver their message.

Mascari Twitter Page

Mascari’s Twitter Page

The website build was already underway and a feature article by one of the industry’s leading publications meant that there was a pretty tight deadline to adhere to. Our task was to research which social media was the best fit for the target audience, and within this work to establish the media they used the most so that we would be able to connect, follow, and like their respective pages. Having established which were the best vehicles the next phase was to build the Mascari sites for; Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Google+, LinkedIn, and Pinterest.

Mascari YouTube Page

Mascari’s YouTube Page

To gain followers we followed people that were interesting to Mascari as well as their target audience. Next we sourced interesting stories, videos, and images to share which encouraged others to follow Mascari. Having a clearly defined target audience Mascari are focused on quality not quantity, large numbers become too difficult to manage so happily there was no desire to “buy” followers.
Over the course of the project relationships were formed and leads generated. Monthly reports and regular updates were provided on the progression of the sites so when the time came to hand over it was completely seamless.

  • Being new to social media we needed help, so we contacted Zein to guide us through the various sites. They set up our social media profiles, followed prospects and engaged with followers and provided training so we were able to take over managing the sites ourselves. As a small business having access to this service was invaluable, allowing us to concentrate on launching our new product.

    Rob Mascari, Managing Director, Mascari