Brian Richards of BRSSOS, a surveying specialist company in the rail sector, came to us with a not uncommon problem. Although vastly experienced and having access to a number of highly trained sub contractors (not to mention a significant investment in hi tech equipment) they were always pitching against larger organisations that were able to out-gun them in the marketing department. Brian wanted to have the big company look so that he could level the playing field and give his experience and resources the platform they deserved.

When he first approached us he was under enormous time pressure to prepare a presentation for a contract with the DLR (Docklands Light Railway), so before we got too involved in the strategy and branding bits we put together all his presentation materials and had them professionally printed. We also produced a PowerPoint slideshow for him to use at the pitch. Once that was done we moved onto how we would develop the plan and from there went about developing a new brand image.

BRSSOS Brochure
BRSSOS Business card

Once Brian was happy with their new logo we set about producing new marketing collateral such as business cards, headed paper and a brochure. Throughout the project Zein provided marketing support to co-ordinate the design, print and delivery of all the materials as well as sourcing and project managing the components needed to deliver them. The next phase of the assignment was the management of the production of BRSSOS website along with signs and pull-up banners for an upcoming exhibition, as well as the provision of artwork for clothing and the company vehicles.

BRSSOS Pull-up Banners
  • I have hired Zein Marketing on two occasions, to create publicity material including websites, business logo's and brochures, for both of my companies and would thoroughly recommend them. Their service has always been good and adaptable to my numerous last minute changes!

    Brian Richards, Managing Director, BRSSOS