A F Auto Centre

A F Autos approached Zein to provide a marketing strategy to grow the business. We started by looking at the size of the market in A F Autos specified catchment area to ascertain if the capacity was there to meet their financial aspirations. Having established that there was more than enough to achieve their goals we then set about looking at their offering and their competitors to determine their positioning both from a price and service perspective.

A F Auto Centre Strategy Document
Loyalty Card Scheme

During the process we undertook staff interviews and canvassed their existing clients through an online survey to gain an insight into what drove their clients to contact them initially, and what made them come back time after time.

Having completed the work we produced a document that not only provided a route forward for the business, but also had a marketing plan along with the costs required to deliver it.

A F Auto Centre Advertisement

Zein project managed the delivery of the plan, providing design and artwork for adverts, leaflets, business cards, electronic emails and the production of a loyalty card scheme to encourage existing clients to promote the business to friends and family. Last but not least, Zein re-built the A F Autos website adding new content and imagery to focus it towards the various speciality target markets they provide services for.

A F Autos Leaflets
A F Auto Centre Website