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Founded in 2013, 4×4 Aviation’s goal is to develop an innovative type of aircraft. Powered by ground breaking technology the VV-Plan as it is called, is designed to operate in those parts of the world that have limited infrastructure. The technology comprises three major components, pioneering electric turbines supplied by a totally new kind of combustion engine, which in turn stores its power in state-of-the-art energy storage cells.

Thorsten Reinhardt founder of 4×4 Aviation approached Zein Marketing in February of 2014. The company had embarked on a round of crowd funding to take it to the proof of concept stage, and needed marketing to get it to the next level. The primary requirements were a new website, along with regular social media updates to keep all the interested parties informed as to the projects progress. The culmination was an event to physically demonstrate the technologies to the media, local dignitaries and potential investors.

Zein set out a strategy detailing the target market and the actions needing to be taken to engage with them, from this we prioritised the tasks. First on the list was to build a website. We used WordPress as the platform re-working content from what already existed for the crowd-funding project. Although a video on the project already existed we decided that a more personal approach would be beneficial and so commissioned Smugshot to produce a new video for the website and social media campaign. The social media profiles were given an overhaul, new postings undertaken and blogs were written for use on the website. Lastly, a press release was dispatched and an email campaign was run up to the event, demonstrating the proof of concept in the autumn of 2014.

After the event there was a great deal of interest from the media related to the industries that the project is targeted towards and interest was generated from several parties for the next round of funding.

  • It has been a great pleasure working with Zein Marketing over the past 18 months. The Team is very responsive to our demands and with their extensive experience in all aspects of marketing, they are always someone to turn to in the moments of doubt. We are pleased with their professionalism and can only recommend working with them to put your name on the map and get the recognition that you deserve

    Thorsten U. Reinhardt, Managing Director, 4x4 Aviation