Graphic Design

The starting point for any business is its name, from there the company needs to create a brand that will become recognisable, this is its logo, and it’s where graphic design starts to become part of your business. It doesn’t stop there; you will need the standard stuff like business cards and headed paper and eventually brochures, leaflets and many more things to promote your brand, so getting it right from the start will make that journey much easier.

Taking a cohesive approach to how your brand is projected in the markets you operate in will make all the difference to how your clients and prospects view you. Your logo and how it is presented makes a statement about your company and its values, so again, it’s important to get it right.

Getting it right avoids:

  • Designing things in isolation which leads to inconsistency

  • Too many colours being used

  • Too many different fonts being used

  • Inconsistency in printed results

Getting it right means that:

  • There is unified look and feel to all your marketing materials

  • There is clarity on how your brand can be represented

  • Your brand message is consistent

  • Your brand is presented in a professional manner on everything

We can provide

  • Logo design

  • Business card design

  • Headed paper and compliments slips design

  • Invoice and statement design

  • Brochure design

  • Leaflet/flyer design

  • Exhibition pull-up/pop-up display design

  • Promotional product design

We can provide 

  • Advertisement design

  • Customer loyalty scheme design

  • Banner design

  • Vehicle wrap design

  • Packaging design

  • Corporate clothing branding

  • Presentation folder design

  • Poster design

Lucy Cresser
Lucy Cresser

Professional design will help your business to stand out from the crowd and position it against its competitors. It’s easy to think of branding as being simply a logo, but it is so much more. It can be tempting when starting out with a new venture to think all that is needed is a logo design, but thinking big from the very beginning will help to future proof your brand.